Software Maintenance


In this fast-paced dynamic environment, coupled with shrinking IT budgets, CIOs are challenged with balancing the critical need to constantly monitor defects and reduce the efforts invested in managing applications. More specifically, CIOs are constantly evaluating novel approaches to address critical questions including:

  • How do I increase efficiency and improve value in application support operations while my business processes are changing?
  • How do I improve cycle time of processes and bring in a service-oriented culture in application support operations?
  • How can I improve the quality of experience for my business users?
  • How do I reduce my operating costs to drive self-funded IT transformation initiatives?

Mediterra’s Application Support services address these questions, which enhances our proven Managed Services elements to deliver ‘the 3E impact’ in IT operations – Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Experience.

  • Efficiency – Improving efficiency through an industrialized, scientific execution approach that is focused on continuously improving, innovating, and accelerating operational practices to drive reduction in operational costs. By leveraging lean and automation strategies, we focus on driving disruptive incident reduction and improving mean time to resolve (MTTR) to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Effectiveness – Adopting service ‘UBERIZATION’ approach to deliver ‘Process as a Service’. By orchestrating end-to-end workflows for business areas through proactive business process monitoring and failure point assessment, we deliver additional improvements in business process performance and measurable impact to the top line and bottom line.
  • Experience – Creating exponential end-user impact by delivering personalized experience through data and insights tailored to user personas. We focus on improving quality of experience through greater engagement with end users and by providing two-way feedback to business on potential service improvements to the business processes