Mainframe and AS400 Services

Mainframe and AS400 Overview

Mainframes and IBM i (AS/400) systems are strategic asset for several organizations in that they must address certain challenges in the modern computing environment. With the emergence of cloud-based services, mainframes can demand significant capital investments initially. Increasing regulatory requirements has led to complexities in ensuring business continuity. The absence of new generation mainframe technicians is another hurdle. However, mainframes remain the benchmark of reliability and security in the contemporary landscape. Organizations continue to depend on these systems for heavy-duty data processing.

Mediterra Technologies’ Mainframe Services offers a range of solutions to customers, helping them maximize existing resources. Our portfolio couples extensive mainframe expertise with a commitment to operational excellence and robust governance of customers’ mainframe architecture for continuously improving key processes. Our partnerships with industry leaders enables a smart combination of software and people, delivering optimal performance. By availing our Mainframes Services, organizations can realize several benefits:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increased responsiveness with utility provisioning
  • Minimized risk and greater operational efficiency
  • Enhanced service levels, risk management and process efficiency


Key Services

Driving technology for leading brands

IBM i (AS/400) Services

The IBM i (AS/400) or i Series, widely used across industry segments, offers a wide range of functionalities. We provides IBM I planning, implementation, management and upgrade services remotely from our Raleigh, NC data center.

Mediterra Technologies offers 24×7 availability and ensures complete data recovery from unplanned outages.

Mainframe Services

Mediterra Technologies’ help optimize total cost of ownership and improve service quality. This flexible offering provides a set of base services, including a mainframe and storage platform, operating system, operational support tools and 24×7 management. …

Optimize your mainframe service costs and enhance productivity with our management expertise, processes and tools that scale the mainframe infrastructure.