Our “Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework” helps our customers move from a “Static” to a “Dynamic” posture to deal with an ever-escalating threat landscape, offering full spectrum of services

Strategy, Architecture & Consulting Services

  1. Architecture Services
  2. Assessment Services
  3. Compliance & Risk Assessment services
  4. Business Impact Analysis
  5. Project / Program Management

With an ever evolving threat landscape it becomes a necessity to assess the current state and define an adaptive & evolving cybersecurity posture for your organization. Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of vertical specific requirements, new threat vectors, regulatory landscape and resiliency needs to help define the right cybersecurity posture which is at the foundation of Mediterra’s Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework.

Transformation & Integration Services

  1. Solution Design
  2. Solution Implementation
  3. Product Integrations

Our trained and experienced cybersecurity engineers help in bringing your dynamic security vision to life. With more than 400+ complex, global security projects across Infrastructure and Cloud Security, Identity and Access Management, GRC, Application Security and BCP/DR– and with access to all major and cutting-edge cybersecurity technology vendors, we can jumpstart your transformation or integration project and partner with you through the dynamic cybersecurity journey.

Managed Services

  1. Cyber Threat Intelligence
  2. Security Incident and Response Management
  3. Emergency Threat Response
  4. Security Technology Management
  5. Managed Endpoint Security
  6. Managed Identity & Access Management
  7. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  8. Assurance Services
  9. BCP/DR Management
  10. Application Security Services
  11. User Behavior Analytics
  12. Managed Detection & Response.

Mediterra’s Managed Services provide the capability to monitor, identify, investigate, respond, report, evaluate and recommend to help maintain an ever responsive cybersecurity ecosystem of your organization. The managed services also complete the ‘Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework’ by ensuring that the posture is constantly monitored and reviewed for a 360 degree protection, around the clock and across the globe.