Application Operations

Application Operations is an emerging technology management team that was formed to address a whole new set of performance management issues being driven by virtualization and the Cloud, increasing application diversity, and the agile development of custom applications. Our team is responsible for the holistic performance and operation of all applications – purchased, third party provided, and custom built. Their aim is to manage the response times of the entire application ecology and to closely monitor the performance of end-to-end transactions within the operational environment.

Incidentally, the view of this bridge has also been endorsed by several leading industry analysts. The Application Operations business has undergone a massive evolution since its inception. Application Operations today is integrating, owning, and running the critical IT businesses across organizations and verticals.The professional manner in which we run your applications increases the value of these assets in your company by ensuring high availability, high performance and cost control. This service gives you the following advantages:

  • Secure application operations without disruptions and interruptions
  • Guaranteed response times when using the application
  • Professional change management and change handling
  • Automated operating procedures with monitoring and alerts
  • Total responsibility and follow-up of faults or queries from registration to resolution and feedback
  • Quick troubleshooting and administration of applications in close cooperation with the server and database administrators
  • Increased profits through: lower costs, better availability, more satisfied users
  • Management of third party suppliers

The following use cases highlight the criticality of Application Operations and how it has direct impact on the company’s brand and its customers as well as its financial status:

  • Handling the critical business operations with respect to trading, IPO launches, settlements, etc.
  • Managing operations with a direct influence on the opening price of a company’s stock at the exchange
  • Handling critical payment systems accounting for 50% of a country’s daily transactions
  • Handling the critical messaging systems tightly integrated with thousands of applications where the average value of a message traveling within the system runs into Billions of Dollars.
  • Handling the critical fulfillment systems for companies
  • Handling critical medical websites which the doctors use to perform life-saving operations
  • Handling billing systems for customers’ bill generations and payments
  • Managing operations with a direct impact on the supply chain of a company