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Our Services

Transformational Network Services

Re-architecting your network DNA by envisioning a digital enterprise architecture with SDN, IoT, M2M and the cloud

Application Operations

We bridge the gap between the traditionally disparate application & Infrastructure environment to bring proactivity in IT operations.

Network Automation Services

Envisaging real-time, proactive, and self-healing networks through use of scripts, tools, and platforms Read More outcomes.

Cyber Security & GRC Services

Our specialists integrate business intelligence, best practices, and regulatory systems to meet customer objectives.

Data Center Visualization

Data Center Virtualization service helps enterprises achieve agile business responsiveness and cost efficiency

Strategic Network Services

Prudent due diligence, actionable insights, and future-proof consulting services that help clients resolve critical challenges and achieve sustainable business agility.

Network Operational Services

Exploring new frontiers through automation in service delivery and analytics-based insights for day-to-day operations management.

Next Generation Network Services

We enable business transformation and strategic alignment of Next-gen enterprise networks, making them lean, agile, experience-centric, and outcome-based.

Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation is not necessarily about digital technology, but about the fact that technology, which is digital, allows people to solve their traditional problems. And they prefer this digital solution to the old solution.

Together, we are ready to help you transform your business and shape your future..

Our Solutions


A fully automated cloud solution, aligning customers’ backup strategy with Mediterranean’s Next-gen enterprise blueprint

Data Analytics & AI

Delivering on vision of a data-driven, intelligent enterprise

EvolveData Center Consolidation

Transformation initiative, Evolve, facilitates reliable real-time communication between platforms.


A fully automated DR on cloud solution, imparting flexibility and creating single-click disaster recovery

Transport Independent Site

Mediterranean Technology’s transport independent site framework assists re-architecting WAN.

Software-defined Networks

Mediterranean Technology’s software-defined networks technology ensures an agile, responsive, and flexible network.


A web-based infrastructure management solution, facilitating enterprise management and hybrid cloud infrastructure control


Mediterranean Technology’s NetBOT helps plan a futuristic roadmap for network automation.

Products Platforms

Products and Solutions engineered to take you to the next level. And the one after that.

Our IT Infrastructure and Cloud technologies make us the best partner in many of our client’s digital transformation